What You Get from the Relaxation Massage
January 18, 2018

The massage will help your mind and your body to reach a deep state of relaxation. However, there are different types of massage that you can choose from, so let’s see what you need to know before booking an hour of massage with a therapist.

The Reflexology
The Chinese people have made a map of the feet, thinking that all the organs of the body have representations on the soles of your feet. Through reflexology, the blood flow is activated at deep levels in your feet, allowing you to have an improved health. It’s recommended for almost everyone, but ask your physician before choosing any type of massage.

The Anticellulite Massage
Activating the deep tissues and breaking the fat cells, this type of massage is recommended for those who want to have an improved aspect of their skin. You can’t do it on the face or on your breasts, for example, but the feet and the back are the best areas where this massage works. In time, you will see the aspect of the skin improving and those small formations of fat being reduced.

The Facial Massage
Each type of massage is relaxing, but this has double benefits, as it really improves the aspect of your face. Some massage therapists are so proficient in this technique that they can help reduce the fine lines of wrinkles, lifting up the tissue solely through massage. It improves the aspect of the skin, increases the blood flow and the formation of collagen, giving an overall great aspect.

The Capillary Massage
Who doesn’t like to have a scalp massage? This technique will help reduce the tension in the muscles of the head, improving the lymphatic circulation at the level of the head, while also having a great impact on the growth of your hair.

The Relaxation Massage
Adequate for truly relaxing, this is a combination of different massage techniques, helping you reach a deep relaxation state. It takes about an hour to massage all the parts of your body – the legs, the back, the arms and even your head, releasing the pressure from your muscles and inducing a wellness state.

The Therapeutic Massage
What do you do when you feel a stiffness in your neck or in your back? Stretching is not enough, so a massage therapist will be able to help you out. The therapeutic massage is recommended when you have muscular pains or cramps, pains that derive from long hours of sitting in a chair, stiff neck or pains in the muscles after intense effort.

In the end, whatever type of massage you choose, make sure you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the time that you spend just for yourself.

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