What You Get from the Relaxation Massage

Different Types of Massage
January 15, 2018

The relaxation massage is actually pampering. Its main purpose is to relieve you from stress, while also offering you a wellness state, calming the pains and sometimes solving different health problems. It’s a type of massage that’s recommended to everyone, no matter if you’re thinking about babies or elderly people.

The Benefits
First of all, this type of massage helps you reduce the stress levels. It will improve the quality of your sleep and can also be a great help against anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it will also help you with improving your focus.

It’s also a great way to relax the muscles and reducing or eliminating the pain that comes from muscular contractures. The body is helped in eliminating the toxins by improving the blood flow and the lymphatic circulation, while also developing the mobility of stiff articulations.

Unconventional Massage Methods
The massage with hot stones is a variation of the classical massage therapy. Slowly warmed, the flat stones are placed in key places of your body. The therapist can also hold them while massaging certain areas with their help.

The massage with jade stones is very different, as this is a therapeutic massage for the deep tissue. Due to their composition of iron, magnesium, and calcium, the jade is the only precious stone that keeps its temperature for a long time, no matter if it’s warm or cold. The equivalent of using a warm jade stone is of 7 manual applications, and when this is combined with a cold jade stone, it becomes a lot stronger.

The bamboo massage is an innovative way to offer a deep tissue massage by using warm bamboo sticks.

Different Techniques
The relaxation massage can start from head to toe, or the other way around. Many technicians choose to start with the upper part of the body, as some persons need to get comfortable first with their touch, being more sensitive in their feet. Although the feet massage can be very relaxing, the beginning of this therapy needs to be quite delicate.

For starters, the massage oil is not applied directly on the skin of the patient, but on the hands of the therapist. He or she will slowly warm the oil in their hands, and after this, the therapist can start on massaging the patient. It should start with a low pressure, using different movements of the hands. This is a sure way for the client to accommodate with the touch.

You can ask for specific oils to be used when you get a massage, as this will allow you to reach a deeper relaxation state. Almond oil or grape seeds oil are great choices, along with roses, jojoba or any other smell that you like.

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